The Mission of Hope School , is located in Monrovia,
Liberia. The school and church benefits the community
of Monrovia. We welcome your involvement through
donations and sponsorship to help meet the  
educational and health needs. Consider being involved,
help brighten the future of the Liberian children
through our organization! One hundred percent of your
donations to the mission are managed to meet the
needs of these Liberian children!
The Mission of Hope is a nonprofit organization with
501 (C)(3) status.
Proverbs 21:13 Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be
Missionaries: Debera and Roger Mace
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Our church is located in
Monrovia and its a special
place for the families who
attend each week.
The needs are always a challenge to meet with any organization, consider your involvement to
make things better for the children of Liberia.
The church ladies are always willing to give a hand with all of the needs of the
school and church functions.
Pastor Anderson of the church and his wife Janet is the school principle in
Roger Mace visiting the mission project in
Cornelius and Little Debera Lynn Mace