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Students and Staff preparing a special meal during Debera's mission trip
Students line up waiting there turns for this special occasion.               Students are able to purchase special items offered at the mission.
           Students pledging to the Flag of Liberia.                            Floretta Jollo Mace, adopted daughter of Debera and Roger
JC Jollo Mace-adopted daughter of Debera and Roger Mace                                       Floretta Jollo Mace washing clothes
Staff of the mission building a new oven in the Country Kitchen.           JR Youtee Mace, adopted son of Debera and Roger building oven.
      Students assisting JR Youtee Mace on building oven.                       JR and students are near completion of building the oven.
Ms. Sarah Dennis is finishing the outer surface of the oven.                                       JR Youtee Mace is baking in the new oven.
          Mission of Hope Coal fired Cooking Stove.                       Adopted daughter's  Floretta and JC Jollo Mace along with Debera.
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